Omniverce - an online platform

Connecting businesses and customers through convenience

Businesses are provided with an online store and all the professional business tools needed to start and maintain their online businesses. Whether you are selling products both physical and digital or services, we are here to help you grow and reach new customers. The growing expectation from customers is that retailers and distributors will offer an e-commerce platform for ordering their products quickly and easily. Customers want the convenience of placing orders when it’s convenient for them from any location and device. Customers expect seamless navigation, the ability to see their sales data, and to easily access available products in easily searchable fields, so that they can make the best buying decisions for their homes and businesses. All of these boxes and more are checked with Omniverce to give your customers the best experience possible.

For $54/month, Infinity on the Beach and Pirate's Inn customers receive:

  • Free delivery
  • Free returns and exchanges
  • Exclusive discounts on select items
  • Additional discounts from our external partners Midas Magic and Body Care by ReviveU spa

Guests of Infinity on the Beach and Pirate's Inn are being offered a discount on the "Direct Gold" subscription package. Click learn more to subscribe today