COVID Protocols

Updated as of August 8th, 2021

Dear Beloved Guest, 

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a change to the way that we operate.  In order to ensure that we continue to safely meet the needs of our guests whilst providing a safe environment for our team members, please be mindful that certain practices will now have to be observed.

  • For ease of service, check-in will now be conducted via our app. 


  • Each guest will be expected to wear a face mask while in common areas, such as the lobby and the restaurant. Persons not wearing a face mask will be asked to leave and will not be served. Face masks will be available for purchase at the Front Desk. 


  • All guests will be expected to wash and sanitise their hands frequently. To facilitate this, additional dispensers have been installed around the property.


  • Social distancing must strictly be observed in all public areas. A maximum of four (4) persons will be allowed in the lobby at a time. Unrelated parties must always maintain a distance of six (6) feet. When interacting with the Front Desk or Guest Services agent, please observe the markings indicating the appropriate distance on where to stand. 


  • For the safety of staff and guests, housekeepers will no longer be allowed to clean rooms while guests are present. To schedule your housekeeping service, please call us at the Front Desk. 


  • A copy of the menu can be found on the next page. Unfortunately, the bar area will no longer be a seating area. Room service orders will be possible between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.


  • Beach and pool loungers are to be sanitized before being issued to guests and kept 6 feet apart.


  • We ask that if at any time you experience any symptoms that are in line with COVID-19 that you self-isolate in your room. Room service will still be available to you. Please allow the Front Desk to know so that the necessary steps can be taken. Rest assured that your information will be stored confidentially.


  • Please note that all external businesses on the island require face masks to conduct services, including public transport.    


  • Current protocols require persons to come into the island with a negative PCR test taken three days prior to arrival.


  • Vaccinated guests are tested on arrival and once given a green band are allowed to quarantine for the 24 to 48 hours until their results are returned.  They have full access to the property except the spa, gym and beach.  They are not permitted to leave the property until their negative result is received.


  • Unvaccinated persons arriving with the negative PCR test are required to quarantine while awaiting their second test.  The second test is taken five days after arrival.


  • We are a designated quarantine hotel so guests can spend this period with us.  We require that guests remain in room during the quarantine period with access to the patio or balcony of their room.


  • We will make every effort to make you as comfortable during this time including providing room service and grocery shopping with only a 10% service fee.


  • Once on island you will need to contact the Ministry of Health to make your booking for the second test.  The Ministry will then assign the appointment time and location usually at the Wildey Gymnasium.  


  • Once you have made your appointment, we can assist with arranging for your transportation there in an approved taxi.  


  • Alternatively,  we can arrange for a private test at a cost of approximately US$175 (this includes a contingency fee in the event you charge to your room and is based on the best rate available to us at present).  This test is done at the hotel.  Please be assured that you can pay the doctor directly and will be charged at the rate provided by the doctor or testing service provider.


  • Guests are often required to self-monitor whilst in quarantine and record daily temperature readings.  We suggest that you bring a thermometer with you for this purpose.  However, you can also purchase a thermometer from our front desk if you do not travel with your own.


We hope that you will not feel overwhelmed with these requirements and you should feel free to contact us with any concerns or queries prior to travel.  These measures are for the wellbeing of everyone and we guarantee that it will be well worth the sacrifice as we still have the same wonderful location, beautiful beach, warm sunshine and service awaiting you.


See you soon!